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1/5 GP15 2WD Birel R31-SE w/GZ
Part Number 31315T1-B
1/5 GP15 2WD Birel R31-SE w/GZ
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Jointly developed with Italy’s famous racing kart company, BIREL! The Readyset package makes the fun of R/C racing karts so easy to enjoy!
GZ15 engine combines with a unique chassis to produce even greater maneuverability than a full-size kart.

Developed in close collaboration with Italy’s leading racing kart manufacturer, this 1/5 scale R/C model accurately reproduces the design and performance of BIREL’s original high-performance R31-SE. With the direct steering control of a true racing kart, this machine offers a fascinating driving experience, completely different to standard R/C cars. The distinctive feel has the effect of improving your driving technique and racing intuition, making it an ideal introduction to any form of motor sports. With a design that replicates the control characteristics of a real racing kart, the layout features a powerful yet user-friendly GZ15 engine mounted beside the driver, just like a full-size kart. Precision mass balance also contributes to the lower center of gravity to deliver the high-performance of a true racing kart. The suspensionless front section features precision trail and scrub parameters that work in combination with the T-bar rear suspension for sharp maneuverability while the lightweight design delivers dynamic acceleration. For a fascinating racing experience like no other R/C car, Kyosho’s BIREL R31-SE sets the pace.

Unique trail knuckles and a non-differential rear rigid axle generate the in lift moment that reproduces the steering characteristics of full size racing karts.


Features specially designed straight muffler that recreates the scale appearance of the original kart while delivering noise suppression and acceleration at the top of the power band.


Replicates a traditional kart chassis layout with the engine mounted on the right of the driver. Precise weight distribution combines with the low center of gravity to realize the unique control characteristics of a racing kart.

Disk brake applies braking power directly to the rear axle for reliable and effective braking. Lightweight design and rigid axle combine to produce a direct control feel and sharp maneuverability.


The belt drive system provides smooth traction transfer and works in combination with the T-bar rear suspension that swings in the direction of chassis roll to deliver the quick response expected of a racing kart.


Receiver and battery are positioned in front the left rear wheel and are protected effectively by the side guard. Optimal weight distribution produces agility to match real racing karts. Comes complete with the color scheme of the original BIREL.

  • World-leading Italian racing kart manufacturer BIREL’s high-performance R31-SE is the inspiration for this detailed 1/5 scale recreation.
  • Scale details including external parts are finished in BIREL’s official color scheme and the driver figure is also reproduce for a spectacularly realistic finish.
  • External sections are made with flexible PP material and provide strong protection against crash damage.
  • The pre-mounted GZ15 engine, fitted with recoil pull starter for easy starting, produces excellent slow running stability and powerful torque.
  • Equipped with rubber tires on front and rear. Readyset features high-grip tires (rear only).

Based on the original R-31SE, the almost square dimensions with a shortened front produces a wheelbase and tread ratio optimized for R/C performance. A front knuckle unit without suspension and rigid rear axle with no differential combines with the newly developed rubber tires to recreate the driving performance of the original kart. Unique cornering control results from the in-lift during steering that holds the front-end during turns, just like a true racing kart. This controllability is ideal for developing a racing strategy and learning the art of motor sports.

Italy’s leading racing kart manufacturer “BIREL” produces machines that deliver pure motor sports excitement around the world. With precision setting options, BIREL karts have a reputation as some of the fastest machines on the track when setup accordingly. Amongst these is the R31-SE, which represents the top of the BIREL lineup. A wide range of options is available to deliver the winning-edge to the ultimate in high-performance racing karts.


A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

< ReadySet Contents >
  • Factory assembled chassis
  • Pre-colored external parts and driver figure
  • Special manifold and straight muffler
  • PERFEX KT-6 transmitter
  • Fuel bottle
  • Plug heater
  • Cross wrench
  • GZ15 engine with recoil starter
  • *12 x AA-size batteries for transmitter and receiver and 2 x D-size batteries for plug heater and fuel are sold separately.
Technical Data
(F)268mm / (R)302mm
Tread (F/R)
φ56×30mm / φ58×45mm
Gear Ratio
2,100g (approx.)
GZ-15 engine with recoil starter


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