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Part Number 31357B
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Advanced performance to go with the EVO badge!

Impressive Truggy racing record of the RR is set to continue!

Not content with its impressive record of Truggy racing victories, the Inferno ST charges ahead with further enhancements in the most powerful version yet in the form of the Inferno ST RR EVO. The dynamic off-road speed of a racing buggy combines with the strength of a stadium truck to produce a machine that continues to set new benchmarks for speed and durability in the exciting “Truggy” category. Also, with the wide scope of setting variations available, you can fine tune for that winning edge. To utilize this potential, the RR EVO adds the small diameter flywheel adopted from the 1/8 Buggy World Champion Inferno MP9 to strengthened straight cut bevel gears and dial-adjustable big bore shocks for precision setting. The newly designed body combines a low profile form and forward cabin with the MP9’s rear wing to produce sure-footed rear grip and superior maneuverability. The dynamic performance of the Inferno ST RR EVO will blow the truggy racing competition away and puts the Inferno’s legendary off-road power in your hands.

Inferno ST RR Evo is equipped with advanced high performance components to compete at the highest level. Parts are anodized in gun metallic for color coordination.   Specially designed low profile body (ISB101) delivers effective aerodynamics and stability through the air when going over jumps.   Large capacity big bore shocks with dial adjustment delivers even greater precision to settings and more damping effectiveness than the RR.
Strengthened steel in the straight cut machined bevel gears maintains gear teeth, even under the most intense braking.   Uses the same brake disk as the 1/8 Buggy World Champion Inferno MP9.   Thin, light weight mud guards cover a larger area from the leading face of the rear suspension. Protects against dirt and mud as well as hits from stones.
  • Shaft driven, 3-differential fulltime 4WD machine is equipped with even more competition-level features than the ST RR.
  • Dial adjustable Big Bore Shocks are equipped on front (M-size) and rear (L-size).
  • Specially designed aerodynamic body and the Inferno MP9’s wing combine to deliver superior stability and maneuverability.
  • Differential gears are equipped with strengthened straight cut machined steel bevel gears.
  • Equipped with the same brake disk as the Inferno MP9 for effective and reliable braking power.
  • Rear suspension is equipped with lightweight mudguards that provide wide cover.
  • Small diameter flywheel from the Inferno MP9 delivers dynamic acceleration.
  • Additional parts including the main chassis are anodized in gun metallic.
  • Stabilizers and universal joints are equipped on front and rear.
  • Flanged hinge pins and nylon nuts are used to secure the outer lower suspension. Allows easy removal/installation for simple maintenance.
  • Strength and rigidity of 7075-grade Duralumin shock stays provide the durability to handle the shocks from big air landings.
  • Large bumper provides protection for the front suspension holders and lower arm plate.
  • Compatible with many optional parts for the Inferno series.


A KIT is a higher level vehicle that includes nearly everything you will need to build a rolling chassis. You will need to supply items like engine, pipe, body, tires, wheels and radio equipment. Required items may vary from kit to kit, so please see Required Items For Completion section for full list.

< Required for operation >
  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • Engine / 21- 28 class engine (SG Shaft type) for cars
  • Manifold and tuned muffler
  • Tires,Wheels, and inner sponges
  • Fuel, engine starting tools
  • Paint for body
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • No.96176 HG Air Cleaner Oil
Chassis Technical Data
373mm - 378mm
Tread (F/R)
353mm / 353mm
Gear Ratio
3,750g Approx.
SG shaft specification 21-28 class (sold separately)
Shock Absorber Pits Holder W/M
Shock Absorber Pits Holder W/M
Your Price: $11.00
Shock Absorber Pits Holder W/M
Shock Absorber Pits Holder W/M
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DIS - Big K Pit Mat L size
DIS - Big K Pit Mat L size
Your Price: $93.00
Flywheel Wrench
Flywheel Wrench
Your Price: $19.00
Multi Starter Box2.0 (Red)
Multi Starter Box2.0 (Red)
Your Price: $99.99
Multi Starter Box 2.0
Multi Starter Box 2.0
Your Price: $100.00