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DIS - Syncro EX-6
Part Number 82030B
DIS - Syncro EX-6
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MHS/ASF Compatible 2.4GHz System Transmitter

Syncro EX-6


Available : Jul 2015

New MHS 2.4GHz system (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum) high-end transmitter realizes the fastest processing in Mini-Z history.

The Syncro EX-6 operates with the new MHS 2.4GHz (Mini-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum) system that integrates frequency hopping (FH-SS) with direct sequence spread (DS-SS) to produce the fastest processing speed in the history of high-end multi-functional Mini-Z transmitters. The EX-6 enhances the interference-free stability of the ASF 2.4GHz and FHS 2.4GHz systems with lightning fast processing and communication. When used with the Mini-Z Racer (MR-03VE Pro Chassis Set), the EX-6 transmitter and MHS 2.4GHz system deliver 4-times the response speed than the fastest speed of the KO PROPO EX-1 ASF transmitter. Linear control lets you control the machine almost at will to run better lines and achieve faster lap times. In addition, the EX-6 features a 10-model memory and manual data recording of 100 lap times. Compatible with Chase Mode the EX-6 also features Steering Auto Balance Function where steering end points can be adjusted during bench setting. Feeling Adjustment Function allows steering feel to be fine tuned while the gyro gain can be adjusted through a third channel on the transmitter when driving. This high-end transmitter sets new benchmarks for speed and functionality to provide cutting edge technology for that extra advantage during racing or around the circuit.

New MHS 2.4GHz system achieves 4-times faster speed than KO PROPO EX-1 ASF transmitter when used with the MR-03VE Pro Chassis Set, which is the first Mini-Z model to include the new MHS 2.4GHz system.


Same design as KO PROPO EX –II transmitter so each unit for the EX-1 can be used. Customize for your own unique style.


Upper section of transmitter features a large, high visibility 2.7-inch display. Language options include English and Japanese.

Switch between MHS and ASF by moving trim (ET-1) to the left and turning power ON. The LED indicator located on the right of the distinctive EX-6 logo flashes for MHS and lights constantly for ASF.



  • New technology MHS 2.4GHz system delivers the fastest, most functional high-end transmitter in the history of the Mini-Z.
  • Backward compatibility allows the transmitter to be switched to the pre-existing ASF 2.4GHz system.
  • Equipped with the rich functionality expected of a high-end transmitter.
  • Features 2.7-inch display screen. Language options include English and Japanese.
  • Optimized for MR-03 at time of shipment.

Set Contents

  • Syncro EX-6 transmitter unit
  • Instruction manual

Sold Separately

  • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries for transmitter
Technical Data
550g approx.
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