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EA-050 Brushless Motor Checker
Part NumberR246-8809
EA-050 Brushless Motor Checker
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R246 EA-050 Brushless Motor Checker
The motor checker is a precision electronic device that is especially designed for measuring the KV value, RPM, current drawn and checking the function of Hall Effect sensors of a brushless motor. It comes with a 2x16 character LCD that is able to display real time measuring value of either sensor or sensor-less brushless motors.



  • Brushless Motor Checking (Both Sensor & Sensor-less)  - KV Measurement (Accuracy tolerance 5%) RPM Measurement Ampere Measurement (Current Drawn by Testing Motor up to 18A)
  • Hall Effect Sensors Test *Brushless Motor with Sensor only.
  • Motor Break-In (Fix Voltage from 2.5V to 7.2V or 10 Steps Cycle with Variable Setting From 2.5V to 7.2V)



        Input Voltage: 7.2V-7.4V (Suggested to uses a 7.4V 2S LiPo Battery)

        Dimension: 137 x 80.6 x 47mm

        Supported Motor: Sensor or Sensor-less Brushless Motor

        Standard 540 size RC Car Motor 2.5 Turn or Over, 2 Poles (*In Runner Motor)

        Flight Motor Support sensor-less Brushless Motor, 6 Poles (*Out Runner Motor)

        Current Draw Less Than 18A at 8.4V without loading

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