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Fly the jet fighter that ruled the skies across the world for a generation!

PIP kit locked and loaded with 2 servos makes real jet flight fun and easy!

Commissioned in 1958 as America's main strike fighter, the F-4 PHANTOM is still in active service in many airforce's around the world today although it has now been officially retired from the American military. With a impressive history established over more than half a century, the more than 5,000 supersonic jets produced for the West is a record that still stands. KYOSHO is proud to reproduce the universally acclaimed performance of this famous fighter, powered by the unique DF55 electric ducted fan unit that generates realistic jet flight performance. The almost completely finished fuselage with intricate camouflage coloring allows you to focus on the enjoyment of flying. This PIP (Plug in Play) kit is pre-installed with 2 micro servos, brushless motor and speed control amp so you can use your choice of transmitter. Stability and precision control replicate the true jet fighter flight characteristics that are ideal for intermediate-level fliers in performing jet flight maneuvers. Enjoy the user-friendly experience with the dynamic attacking flight style of KYOSHO's F-4 PHANTOM!

5-blade fan unit represents Kyosho's unique ducted fan design skills. High-performance brushless motor generates stable and powerful thrust.


PIP specifications include 2-micro servos for elevon control, brushless motor and a motor control amp for a user-friendly yet challenging flying experience.


Features the distinctive "dogtooth" and outer dihedral main wings of the original that minimize stall and deliver lateral stability. Provides stable control in the hands of intermediate fliers.

Anhedral of the original PHANTOM produces stability around the pitch axis and effective input from the control surfaces, even at large angles of attack. Promises sure control characteristics under varying flying postures.


Single ducted unit reproduced in the form of twin engine thrusters. Generates powerful thrust for fast ascent.


Magnetic lock on canopy hatch is easy to open and close. The large opening allows easy access for maintenance, battery changes and linkage adjustments.

  • Styrene main fuselage realizes a lightweight form complete with camouflage color scheme.
  • Includes a special 25A amp. for brushless motor control.
  • Compatible with 11.1V-910-1200mAh Lithium Polymer battery. (No.ORI60037 recommended - sold separately)
  • Battery room size holds large capacity battery packs up to dimensions: 106 x 32 x 20mm.
  • Includes two micro servos for elevon control.
  • Simply attach the fans to the ducted unit, fix the main and tail wings to the fuselage, set the linkages and apply the decals to complete.
  • PIP (Plug in Play) set allows your choice of transmitter and receiver.


     <Included >

  • Brushless motor
  • DF55 Ducted fan unit
  • Micro servo x 2
  • Special amp.
  • Linkage parts set


< Required for operation >

  • 4-Channel transmitter for R/C airplanes and receiver
  • Battery / 11.1V-910-1,200mAh Li-Po battery (Lithium Polymer) (No.ORI60037
  • 11.1V 910mA 15c Li-Po recommended)
  • Special Li-Po battery charger (No.ORI62200 Advanced Flight Charger recommended)
  • Balancer for Li-Po battery (No.ORI62204 Stability Balancing System recommended)
  • Batteries for transmitter
Technical Data
450~500g (approx.)
Wing Area
Wing Type
9% Original Semi-Symmetrical
Wing Tips 15
370g approx. (when using 11.1V Li-Po battery / fan unit)


This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo.