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Fall Classic 2011

Kyosho Mini- Z Fall Classic 2011


Location: R241 Raceway at Kyosho America Headquarters in Southern California


Much like the Summer Shootout, the Kyosho Fall Classic was a success. Even the strong winds couldn’t keep our dedicated racers away. Three classes, (Kyosho EX, Kyosho Cup and GT Stock our Mini Z Buggy class) had to be switched to exhibition classes. The Kyosho EX class, for both new and budget-minded racers, has simple rules that only allow the addition of bearings and Kyosho racing tires. This class gives every participant an equal chance to win with a minimal investment. Tsukada lead the field making very few errors throughout the race. It was a battle until the end of the race with Opi, another local driver and R241 regular, but in the end, Tsukada just dominated. 


Kyosho EX Results:

  1. Tsukada
  2. Opi
  3. Alex M.

The Kyosho Cup class is for those who would like to experiment with a more modified car, while still staying within a budget. By allowing only Kyosho factory option parts, this class allows a little more freedom while ensuring there are no unique or hard-to-find parts used. The same setting was repeated from the earlier EX class, with Tsukada and Opi going at it head-to-head for a second time. Tsukada just outdrove everyone in this class as well, giving him the victory. 


Kyosho Cup Results:

  1. Tsukada
  2. Opi
  3. Gianno

GT Stock was the last race of the day. This class is open to modifications and has a group of devoted racers in the western region, thanks to various Mini-Z clubs running similar rules. Brian Ma, a new racer to R241 Raceway, came in and dominated the final to take the win. 


GT Stock Results:

  1. Brian Ma
  2. Ryan
  3. Alex M.

A big Thank You to all participants and all our R241 sponsors for making this race a total success.  

A special Thank You to:

Grant Matsushima
PN Racing
KO Propo
Peak Racing