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Inferno GT2 Race Spec Corvette
Part Number 31833B
Inferno GT2 Race Spec Corvette
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Large-scale machine evolves with a power surge in performance!

Fully featured specifications can even take on high-speed circuit racing.

Kyosho’s popular INFERNO GT2 gets a racing spec upgrade! Big 1/8 scale matches a high-power engine with detailed scale body form to deliver awesome strength and style. Chassis dimensions deliver rock-solid running stability from the driving force of the easy to handle yet high-power KE25 engine that delivers more torque and faster maximum speeds than the former GT2. The previously optional shoe-type 2-speed transmission (IGW008) is now included as standard and realizes smoother gear changes and minimizes shift shock. A harder main chassis material combines with a resin chassis stiffener that responds with both strength and smoothness as required. The advanced 2.4GHz KT-201 R/C system features a blue backlit LCD that allows clear visibility and adjustment of each control setting. Other advanced features include a failsafe function that stops the car safely in the event of radio signal trouble and reliable ABS braking. High-torque KS-200 servos incorporating tough metal gears are equipped on both steering and throttle for precision control of the big chassis. Packaged as a complete Readyset, the INFERNO GT2 Race Spec can be ready for action fast. Feel the amazing power and performance of big scale R/C with the INFERNO GT2 Race Spec.

Almost square dimensions of 310mm width and 360mm wheelbase deliver rock-solid running stability.   Optimal displacement of the KE25 engine generates plenty of powerful drive energy. Premium grade polished muffler and manifold are included as standard.   Inferno MP-7.5’s superior suspension function has been optimized for on-road performance.
High grip tires combine with high strength wheels to deliver the edge in racing battle.   Includes the large capacity air cleaner. Maintains engine performance over long periods.   Front/rear independent disc brakes deliver reliable braking power. Thick brake discs minimize change in brake feeling from heat.
Engine’s power band used to greater effect with the shoe-type 2-speed transmission using gear ratio 1st 15 : 46 and 2nd 18 : 43.   150cc fuel tank delivers about 10 minutes per tank without refueling.   Kyosho's unique 2.4GHz “Syncro KT-201/KR-200” transmitter and receiver incorporate additional functions and are designed for easy operation.
< Changed Specifications in the GT2 Race Spec >

Hardened main chassis.
Resin chassis stiffener.
KE25 engine pre-installed.
Equipped with 3PC clutch.
Polished muffler and manifold deliver high power output.
KT201 transmitter displays each setting on backlit LCD panel.
Equipped with high torque KS-200 servos incorporating metal gears.

The machine that has defined modern America’s status as a racing superpower is the Chevrolet Corvette C6-R. While achieving great results at famous GT races, it was the challenge at Le Mans that impressed the world. After winning the Le Mans in 2000, the Corvette completed a dominant 1 - 2 finish in the GT1-class in 2006. This model of the No.63 car finished 2nd in GT1-class and 6th overall in 2007 for the team’s eighth consecutive podium finish. The battle against its great rival, the Aston Martin DBR9, was the major highlight for many motor sports fans.


A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

< ReadySet Contents >
  • Fully assembled chassis complete with 2channel 2-servo control and linkages installed.
  • Pre-cut and pre-painted body complete with decals applied
  • PERFEX KT-201 transmitter
  • Note) AA-sized alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter/receiver, and fuel are sold separately.
Chassis Technical Data
Tread (F/R)
F97mm ×40mm
Gear Ratio
1st 10.14:1, 2nd 7.90:1
3,650g (approx.)
R/C System

Syncro KT-201 Set
Kyosho's unique 2.4GHz “Syncro KT-201/KR-200” transmitter and receiver incorporate additional functions and are designed for easy operation. Simply switch the power ON and the system is ready to use straight away. The stylish form of the transmitter features a built-in antenna and an ergonomic design for comfortable switch positioning and a large, high visibility LCD display. The Syncro is also energy efficient and uses only four AA-size alkaline batteries. Its precision balance and lightweight are ideal for endurance racing and help maintain concentration without becoming fatigued and also make it easy to activate required functions and settings. From fun-running to the intensity of serious racing, the new generation Syncro 2.4GHz will deliver a greater appreciation of your R/C model's performance.

Bonus Info

Maintenance Stand Type Low (Re
Maintenance Stand Type Low (Re
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Maintenance Stand Type Low (Bl
Maintenance Stand Type Low (Bl
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DIS - 96424 Fuel Bottle 500cc
DIS - 96424 Fuel Bottle 500cc
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Blitz 1700 Std. Hump (6.0v)
Blitz 1700 Std. Hump (6.0v)
Your Price: $24.30