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Kyosho sweeps Japan All Star EP Off-Road 2014
The annual 2014 Japan All Star EP Off-Road race took place at the RC Park GOJO circuit in Gojo, Nara, Japan on March 23rd. The event brought many sponsored drivers from Kyosho, Tamiya, Yokomo and MuchMore. The Japan All Star race is an opportunity for the serious RC enthusiasts to race and interact with the top Japanese racers from around the country. The event was sponsored by RC Adivsor Champ, one of the largest RC hobby shops in Japan.


The indoor facility is famous for it’s great track conditions and fun layouts. The owner is an experienced motocross track builder, who has worked with Richard Winkler of Dirt Wurx. To keep the surface in a high grip condition, water is provided by pipes buried under the track.


Kyosho’s Yusuke Sugiura was the 4WD top qualifier running his ZX6 prototype. In A1, Kyosho’s Sugiura and Yokomo’s Naoto Matsukura led the race at the beginning, however Kyosho’s Kohta Akimoto ran consistently fast and overtook them to take the win. In A2 Sugiura and Matsukura would lead the race again. Once the 3 time world champion Matsukura took the lead, he left the others behind and took the win. As this race was a 2 main format, with no throwout, the results would end as followed.
4WD Overall Result: 1.Yusuke Sugiura 2. Kohta Akimoto 3. Juliya Kajiwara.

Kyosho ZX-6 dominated the 4WD podium.


Kyosho’s youg star and the current national champion Sugiura was also the 2WD top qualifier. In A1, the tight battles and back and forth racing would continue, and in the end, the former national champion Akimoto would take the win. In A2, Sugiura would lead the race from Matsukura. Sugiura would crash on the final lap handing the win to Matsukura.
2WD Overall Result: 1. Yusuke Sugiura 2. Kohta Akimoto 3. Naoto Matsukura
Thank you to RC Park GOJO for the race report!