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(Oct 2013) Jared Tebo is 2wd World Champion!
Jared Tebo + RB6 = TQ & World

The 2013 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road World Championships were held September 22nd-29th at Silver Dollar Raceway in beautiful Chico, California. Kyosho would arrive into Chico with one of their strongest Teams in years consisting of: 
Current ROAR National Champion: Jared Tebo
Current 1/8 Nitro Buggy European Champion: David Ronnefalk
Current 2wd Japanese National Champion: Yusuke Sugiura
Current 1/10 TC Worlds Finalist: Christopher Krapp
Former 1/8 Nitro Buggy World Champion: Cody King
Former Japanese National Champion: Kohta Akimoto

Kyosho would also have on hand their 2 lead engineers with Chikuba & Mits as well as Kyosho America Team Manager Joe Pillars to provide great service for all Kyosho Drivers and Customers.
Race Schedule:
Sunday, September 22nd: 2wd Buggy Registration
Monday, September 23rd: 2wd Buggy Controlled Practice
Tuesday, September 24th: 2wd Buggy 4 Rounds of Qualifying
Wednesday, September 25th: 1 Round of Qualifying & Triple A-Main Events
2wd Modified Buggy
Perfect weather conditions were present on Monday and most of Tuesday. Just as the 4th round of qualifying ended Tuesday night, a severe rain storm hit Silver Dollar Raceway and would flood the track. That next morning the decision by IFMAR was to cancel the 5th and final round of qualifying and take each drivers 2 best points toward their overall qualifying order. Since Kyosho's Jared Tebo went onto TQ 2 out of the 4 rounds of qualifying on Tuesday, he would take the Overall TQ honors!
The Silver Dollar Raceway track crew did a remarkable job Wednesday morning to get the track back up and running so racing could resume and all the finals could be run.
A-Main #1: Kyosho's Jared Tebo would go on to lead the field around for the first 2-minutes of the race with AE's Ryan Cavalieri right behind him in 2nd. Right at the halfway point of the race, Tebo made a small mistake by rolling it right before the start/finish line and Cavalieri would get collected. Tamiya's Lee Martin would then take the lead with Tebo now in 2nd. That very next lap in the same corner where Tebo rolled, Martin got on 2 wheels and Tebo was able to go inside of him and take back the lead. AE's Neil Cragg was now right with the lead pack in 3rd. With 2-minutes to go, it was Tebo with a narrow lead over Martin and Cragg. At the 1:30 mark, Martin clips the pipe on the landing of the front hip jump and Cragg now moves into 2nd. Tebo drove a perfect last minute of the race to take the Win! Cragg would finish right behind Tebo for 2nd and Martin 3rd.
Watch A-Main #1 here:
A-Main #2: Kyosho's Jared Tebo once again would lead the field out for lap #1 with Cavalieri and Martin close behind. After lap #2, the top 3 drivers begin to distance themselves from the field. Now 2-minutes into the main, Tebo still leads over Cavalieri and Martin with 4th place a ways back. At the halfway point of the race, Martin crashes over the right side triple and then Cavalieri flips after the step-up triple but lands back on his wheels. Cavalieri remains in 2nd and Martin 3rd, but now Tebo has a 2-second lead. With a little more than 1-minute left, Cavalieri rolls it in the corner just before the line and then Tebo jumps on the wrong side of the pipe but is able to get back over safely. This allowed Martin to just get by Tebo for the lead. That same lap Martin gets it wrong over the right side triple and Tebo gets by for the race lead. Now out of nowhere, AE's Ryan Maifield has worked his way to 2nd. Tebo would hold off a hard charging Maifield on the last lap to take the 2wd Buggy IFMAR World Championship!
Watch A-Main #2 here:
2wd Modified Buggy Top 10 Overall Finishing Order:
         Driver                  Manufacturer   
1. Jared Tebo (TQ)       Kyosho RB6        
2. Lee Martin                       Tamiya       
3. Ryan Maifield                      AE
4. Ryan Cavalieri                     AE
5. Neil Cragg                          AE
6. Dustin Evans                      TLR
7. Darren Bloomfield               TLR
8. David Ronnefalk        Kyosho RB6 
9. Kody Numedahl                   AE
10. Naoto Matsukura            Yokomo
TQ & Winning Equipment Used By Jared Tebo:
30068B Kyosho Ultima RB6 2wd Buggy Kit
ORI65102 Team Orion Vortex R10 Pro ESC
ORI28258 Team Orion VST2 6.5 Brushless Motor
ORI14055 Team Orion Carbon Pro XS 4000mah 90C Shorty Li-Po Battery
Geared: 20/76
*Congrats to Kyosho's David Ronnefalk who made his first 1/10 electric Worlds A-Main and finished a respectable 8th overall!
David Ronnefalk Current 1/8th GP EUROChamp
Sugiura Yusuke Current JMRCA 2wd Champion
Christopher Krapp 1/10 TC Worlds Finalist
Cody King Former 1/8th GP World Champion
Akimoto Kohta Former JMRCA 2wd Champion and Worlds Finalist
Drew Moller ROAR 1/8th GP Finalist
Cody Turner Pre Worlds Finalist
Kajiwara Juliya Former JMRCA Finalist
Congratulations Jared! Well Done!
Race report by JP.
Thank you to RedRC.net for use of their pictures and videos. www.redrc.net