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(Oct 2013) Turner and Tebo dominate the Reedy truck race!
The 2013 Reedy Truck Race of Champions were held October 5th & 6th at Hot Rod Hobbies in Santa Clarita, CA. Kyosho would show up to this years event with 3 of their top drivers including: Newly Crowned 2wd Buggy IFMAR World Champion Jared Tebo, Former 1/8 World Champion Cody King, and Up & Coming Talent Cody Turner all equipped with the new production RT6! 
Race Schedule:
Friday, October 4th: Open Practice
Saturday, October 5th: 3 Rounds of Qualifying
Sunday, October 6th: Triple A-Main Events
With very windy conditions on Friday, limited practice was available. Most drivers would show up Saturday morning for practice from 7:00am - 11:30am and qualifying starting at 12:00pm. Saturday would also see windy conditions throughout the day and Sunday would be perfect!
Modified Truck
Kyosho Factory Driver Cody Turner went onto TQ rounds #2 & #3 to take the overall TQ with his brand new RT6!

Turner then went onto Win A-Mains #1 and #3 to take the overall Win in the Modified Truck class! This would also be Cody's first career Pro Win!
Kyosho's Jared Tebo would take 2nd overall by finishing 2nd in A-Main #1 and Winning A-Main #2.

AE's Ryan Cavalieri took 3rd overall after finishing 2nd in A-Main #2 and 2nd in A-Main #3.
Modified Truck Top 3 Overall Finishing Order: 
Driver                    Manufacturer
1. Cody Turner (TQ)       Kyosho RT6
2. Jared Tebo                 Kyosho RT6
3. Ryan Cavalieri                      AE
Winning Equipment Used By Cody Turner:
30069B      Kyosho RT6 Race Kit
UMW509GM SP Motor plate
UMW511/512GM Rear arm mounts

UMW704-0 V2 aluminum rear hubs 0 deg.

ORI65102  Team Orion R10 Pro ESC
ORI28258  Team Orion VST2 Pro 6.5 Brushless Motor
ORI14055  Team Orion Carbon Pro 4000mah 90C Shorty Li-Po Battery
Geared: 19/82



2wd Modified Short Course


Kyosho Factory Driver Cody Turner also went onto take the overall TQ in the 2wd Modified Short Course class with his SC-R SP!  
Starting from the 4th position on the grid, Tebo was able to work his way through the field and Win both A-Main #1 & A-Main #2 to take the overall 2wd Modified Short Course Championship!


Kyosho's Cody King would take 2nd overall by finishing 3rd in A-Main #1 and Winning A-Main #3 with his SC-R SP.


AE's Cavalieri took 3rd overall after finishing 2nd in A-Main #1 and 2nd in A-Main #2.


2wd Modified Short Course Top 3 Overall Finishing Order:

           Driver            Manufacturer

1. Jared Tebo         Kyosho SC-R SP     

2. Cody King           Kyosho SC-R SP

3. Ryan Cavalieri              AE


Winning Equipment Used By Jared Tebo:

30854B      Kyosho SC-R SP Race Kit

ORI65102  Team Orion Vortex R10 Pro

ORI28258  Team Orion VST2 6.5 BL Motor

ORI14048  Team Orion Carbon Pro 5500 90C Li-Po Battery

Geared: 17/82
The traditional red pit area. Great job guys!
Report and photos by JP.