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Summer Shootout 2011

Kyosho Mini-Z Race Report

Location: R241 Raceway ay Kyosho America Headquarters in Southern California

Kyosho America held its first official race the 2010 Mini-Z Summer Shootout. Even formal promotion and very little time after the event was announced,  the event was still packed with racers from all around the region. The three classes that were raced were the following:

The first class run was the New Kyosho EX a class for both new comers as well as those wanting to race on a budget. The rule allow for any MR-015, MR-02 and MR-03 with the only modifications being tires and bearing. This was a very popular class as it really left the skills in the drivers hands and made for great racing.

Podium Results for this class were as follows:

1st Opi

2nd Walter

3rd Alex M

 The next class is the New Kyosho Cup class, which is for those who would like to experiment with modding while still staying within a budget. By allowing only Kyosho parts this class ensures there is no unique unobtainable parts will be used. This Class also prepares drivers for the eventual competition they would find at the Kyosho World Cup.

Podium Results for this class were as follows:

1st Goober (aka Walter)

2nd Tsukada

3rd Tak

The last but not least the final class was GT Stock. It is the most open to modification and, has a built in group of racers in the western region, thanks to various clubs running similar rules and events held by P/N Racing through out So Cal. This class ran a stock motor made by P/N Racing to ensure parody but allows for an almost open selection of modifications allowed.

 Podium Results for this class were as follows:

1st Philip

2nd Chad 03

3rd Ryan

The three classes provided for a great selection of performance and budgets for racers. A unique feature of the event also is the that Racers could run either of their Kyosho EX or Cup class cars in the GT Stock Class so some racers were able to run two classes with the same car set-up and a couple of racer took there cars deep into other fields.


The racing was exciting in all rounds and smiles were contagious amongst racers. The pit area was full and everyone was very supportive of there fellow competitors. We received such a great response, that it solidified our desire to make this not only an annual event but expand upon it.


Going forward we will have every season a major Prize/Trophy in October the first annual Fall Mini-Z Classic followed in January by the Kyosho Mini-Z Winter Grand Prix and then the Kyosho Spring Challenge in April looping back into next years summer shootout in July. Dates will be announced soon.


Thanks again to KO Propo, P/N Racing, and Joe Chen from Reflex Racing for making out first event a total success!


More photos from the event as well complete results below: