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Caliber 6 Nitro Helicopter Kit
Part Number 21260C
Caliber 6 Nitro Helicopter Kit
Caliber 6 Nitro Helicopter Kit
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While keeping the economic benefits of a 50-class size helicopter, the CALIBER 6 matches 90-class machines for performance. Building on the CALIBER 5's reputation as the best 50-class trainer, the evolutionary CALIBER 6 also features the previously optional EMS unit as standard amongst other enhancements in key areas that result in superior control. As the only helicopter in its class with full push-pull linkages (excluding throttle linkage as at December 2007), the CALIBER 6 produces precision control without any play for a more linear response. Even during radical maneuvers, this machine responds smoothly and quietly to the will of the pilot while meeting the intense demands of expert-level fliers and the new F3C rules as well as exciting 3D flight performance. The dynamic performance of the CALIBER 6 is waiting for you to put it to the test.

  • Features the CALIBER's signature belt driven 2-stage deceleration transmission that minimizes noise and delivers high-efficiency power transfer.
  • EMS unit (Swash Mode) realizes a more direct control feel.
  • Precision metal parts include yoke, center hub and seesaw. Produces the power on demand required for 3D flying.
  • Large capacity 440cc fuel tank produces extra long flight times and stable fuel supply.
  • 440mm long stabilizer contributes to nimble maneuverability.
  • Large capacity 440cc fuel tank produces extra long flight times.
  • Lightweight flywheel added to the aluminum diecast clutch drum delivers excellent response.
  • Machine cut upper section of aluminum swash plate realizes precision control.
  • Precision metal parts featured include yoke / center hub / seesaw for accurate control.
  • Belt driven two-stage deceleration transmission minimizes noise and realizes high-efficiency power transfer.
  • Equipped with radio box for storage of receiver & battery.
  • Full ball bearing specifications.
  • Low height lightweight brace provides strong support even in hard landings.
  • Rudder servo is mounted on tail boom to prevent linkage deviation when adjusting belt tension.
  • Compatible with any servo due to increased number of servo horn mounting holes.
  • One-way unit doubled in strength to meet the demands of high-power engines.
  • EMS unit (Swash Mode) realizes a more direct control feel.
  • Specially designed 50-class machine produces plenty of power.
Required For Operation
  • 6-channel, 5-servo,1-gyro for helicopter
  • Gyro
  • 600mm-Class, 4mm drag holes, 14mm grip main rotor
  • Fuel
  • Engine starting tools
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • Engine for 50 class