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EP Jet Mirage DF45 (Blue)
Part Number 10115BLB
EP Jet Mirage DF45 (Blue)
EP Jet Mirage DF45 (Blue)
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Setting new standards in micro ducted fans jets! The DF45 series features a specially designed ducted fan unit that is literally built around a brushless motor. Building the fan unit around the brushless motor minimizes weight and maximizes thrust, resulting in nearly a 1-to-1 thrust to weight ratio.

The fuselage is hand-laid, ultra-light fiberglass construction with balsa and ply construction in the wings and control surfaces. The fuselage is also hand painted for best possible finish. Large intakes are featured to ensure that the powerful fan unit doesn?t starve for air. As an ARF kit, much of the airframe assembly is already complete. Minor final assembly and installation of the electronics are all that's required to get flying.

The Mirage version of the DF45 features a delta wing, much like that of the full size Mirage fighter jet. The delta wing improves the glide ratio and increases the stability, so this bullet is a little easier to control. This unique wing configuration features elevons, which are combined elevators and ailerons. The delta wing also benefits from winglets, which reduce stall and increase lift. Finally, canards are installed near the cockpit to increase stability.

  • Brushless motor and fan combine in a one-piece high-efficiency fan unit
  • Lightweight hand-laid fiberglass fuselage.
  • High quality balsa/ply wings and control surfaces.
  • Included winglets increase lift and reduce stall.
  • ARF kit only requires minor assembly and electronics installation to complete.
  • The motor produces approximately 50,000 rpm in bench tests, and more in the air - these things scream like a turbine engine.
  • Canopy can be easily opened with removal of some screws for easy battery changes. Servos and linkages are also easy to maintain.
  • Potent micro-size ducted fan unit is built into the tail wing. Ideal shape and surface of air intake allows large amounts of thrust, even at high angles of attack.
  • Trailing edge of the main wing equipped with control surfaces (elevon). Mixing effect from transmitter control inputs produces both elevator and aileron function.
  • Factory assembled FRP fuselage boasts lightweight with high strength and rigidity. Also equipped with canard (front wing) for stable flight control characteristics.
Kit Includes
  • Includes ducted fan unit (one-piece brushless motor and fan unit)
  • Ready for assembly fiberglass fuselage
  • Linkage parts
Required For Operation
  • R/C System / 4-channel, 2-micro servo (with elevon mixing function) R/C system for airplanes.
  • Controller / ESC Sky victory BLS25
  • Battery / 11.1V 800-910mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Special lithium polymer battery charger
Technical Data:
  • Length: 24.6in
  • Width: 20.4in.
  • Weight: 340g approx
  • Wing Area: 9.5dm2
  • Wing Load: 35.8g/dm2
  • Thrust: 270g approx. (with 11.1v Li-Po battery / fan only)