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FX-101 MM Audi R8 2006 Silver
Part Number 32507S
FX-101 MM Audi R8 2006 Silver
FX-101 MM Audi R8 2006 Silver
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The R8 race car reigned supreme at Le Mans for three years from 2000 and completely dominated the event with two 1-2-3 finishes and one 1-2 finish during this time. The machine that brought this unrivaled racing technology to the streets was the Audi R8. It featured the Audi Space Frame (ASF) body which is at the leading edge in design technology and even utilized a magnesium section to deliver its lightweight and high-performance. However, production was so intricate, it was almost hand-crafted. Audi also installed quality control systems that used x-ray technology to detect flaws in welding points in a supercar typical of German thoroughness. The engine was 4.2 liter FSI direct injection V8DOHC adopted from the racing car with maximum output of 420 PS. Audi's 6-speed R-Tronic combined with its mechanical gearbox and oil-pressure clutch delivered precision control from the race circuit to the highways. With only 20 cars manufactured per day, its a lucky day if you see any of these masterpieces on the street.


Incredibly detailed miniature cars look just like 1/43 scale replicas. dNaNo revolutionizes the world of micro motor sports with its breathtaking realism and advanced circuit system. Kyosho innovation results in a newly developed chassis that clones the scale dimensions of the original car. Achieves both advanced racing performance as well as scale realism. But the surprises don't end there. What makes the dNaNo an generational shift is the amazing circuit system linking a special circuit to the dNaNo Server, providing the owner with total visibility and control of the performance. By registering the car and entering the special circuit, the dedicated ID assigned to the IC tag on each car during production links to the circuit and starts measuring lap times. While displaying your data on the circuit display, all dNaNo circuits are networked to the dNaNo Server, which automatically gets updated with your lap times. You can access this webpage from your PC. This amazing WEB link system made possible with the dNaNo provides you with a deeper involvement with your racing machine and its performance, bringing you closer to the racing experience than ever before.

  • Fine Detail - Fine details specific to each car such as the wheelbase, tread, tires and wheels realize an amazing finish similar to that of diecast car collectables.
  • Equipped with IC Tag - All cars equipped with an IC tag that requires no power supply. Unique ID on each tag automatically records lap times when used on the special race circuit, and even calculates the estimated circuit usage costs.
  • ASF 2.4GHz - Just by the switching the ASF 2.4GHz system on, it automatically scans and selects open bands to use without waiting for an open band or the need for crystals. This system is safe and reliable and prevents interference with and from other cars. Up to 40 cars can be run together at the same time.
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension - Suspension system features king pin and coil on front with a swing plate on rear to deliver the performance expected of a racing model. In addition, the spacers can be used on the rear section for precision tread adjustment.
  • Front Suspension - King pin is positioned as far inside the wheel as possible to realize almost zero scrub so tire movement is minimized while maintaining the realistic appearance of the wheel arch. Direct steering feel is still achieved at the same time.
  • Expansion Connectors - The expansion connector allows optional gyro, light unit and I.C.S. interface to be connected and used.
  • Ajustable Tread - Tread can be adjusted with spacers without removing wheels. Eccentric cam adjuster allows easy adjustment of the gear backlash.
  • Fully Factor Assembled - Fully factory assembled 1/43 scale chassis with beautifully colored and finished body creates stunning scale realism and driving performance. Kyosho's racing pedigree features strongly in this NaNo sized chassis.
  • Coreless Servo Motor - Steering servo using coreless motor realizes sharp control.
  • Training Mode - Features training mode with maximum power settings to support intense driver training.
  • Impact Resistant Material - Door mirrors etc. are made from impact-resistant material.
  • Variety Of Optional Parts - Variety of optional parts are currently available, to enable various setting and performance upgrades.
Chassis Set Contents
  • Pre-assembled chassis with pre-installed 2.4GHz RC unit. (note: no transmitter included)
  • Pre-painted molded plastic body, complete with color and markings (includes display chassis)
  • High Grip Tires
  • Pinion Gear (6T, 7T ,8T, 9T)
  • Precision Screwdriver
  • Special maintenance tools
  • Spare screws
Required For Operation
  • dNaNo Starter Pack (Contents: KT-18 Transmitter, dNaNo 130mAh battery and battery charger.) #32001B
  • 4x AAA For the transmitter
  • 4x AA For the charger
Optional Items
  • dNaNo 3.7v 130MAh battery #32004