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Part Number 20103RS-M2C
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The dream of real helicopter control that was realized with the micro-sized Caliber 120 now features a realistic scale body with the new Caliber 120 Type S to match its advanced cyclic control system, similar to that used in much larger helicopters. Until now, small 2-channel helicopters have only used tail-rotor and motor control to govern lateral and vertical movement, but this sophisticated machine uses 4-channel control and a gyro to add hovering capability as well as forward and backward flight control. Optimal use of carefully tested materials results in a robust structure weighing only 34g that realizes both easy maneuverability and keeps damage to a minimum in the event of a crash. This structure combines with durable main rotors that can take hard contact so you can relax while enjoying all aspects of real helicopter control. As with the MINIUM airplane, this model is also fully pre-assembled and packaged as a Readyset so simply charge the included Li-Po battery in the transmitter and prepare for takeoff! This Type S version allows full throttle stick movement without return spring and is easier to fly than ever before. Even GP fliers won't feel any difference in the controls.

  • Minium Technology - Packed with the advanced technology developed through the MINIUM airplane. The lightweight design delivers easy flight control and is resistant to hard contact so you can relax and enjoy the flight.
  • Full Cyclic control - Incorporates a 4-channel cyclic control system in a micro-sized helicopter to deliver the hovering, forward and backward, lateral and vertical maneuverability similar to large helicopters.
  • Carbon Tail Boom - Carbon tail boom etc. contributes to the lightweight structure. Advanced design includes two special servos, receiver, motor control amp and gyro in an ultra lightweight structure.
  • Coreless Tail Motor - Tail rotor features a coreless motor for sharp control.
  • Springless Throttle - 2.4GHz R/C system allows up to 24 aircraft to be flown together at the same time. Type S version uses full stroke springless throttle stick (Mode 2). The transmitter included in the CALIBER 120 Type S uses the full range of throttle stick movement for motor control. This type of transmitter allows for more precise motor speed and flight control. As it doesn't include a built-in return spring, the throttle can be left in any position. For example, when hovering the control stick is used in a small range which is easier without the pressure of the return spring. This produces familiar control characteristics for GP and EP helicopter fliers.
  • Large LCD Display - Newly developed multifunction transmitter features a large LCD to display data for voltage, digital trim offset values and control mode. Provides clear visibility of control settings and functions.
  • Digital Trims - All control inputs are equipped with 19-step digital trims for precise adjustment. LCD screen provides clear visibility and easy management of control settings. New design transmitter features built-in antenna that delivers more effective signal emission.
  • Larger Main Motor - Motor changed from 10mm to 12mm for increased power and durability as well as realizing a lower center of gravity and greater stability. Cored motor delivers plenty of torque to the main rotor while a coreless motor produces optimal response from the tail.
  • Safety Bar - Training safety bar is included so you can practice with confidence to improve stability. Prevents inversion during landing or takeoff.
  • Pre-Painted Body - Fitted with pre-painted lightweight scale body.
  • Built In Charger - Transmitter features built-in battery charger that can charge a spare battery while being used for flight control.
  • Switch To Expert Mode - Switch Expert Mode ON/OFF with a push of the elevator stick that uses a dual rate function to increase or decrease aileron and rudder angle.
  • Full Control - Swash plate mechanism enables control of movement around the roll and pitch axis, just like large size helicopters. Inclusion of gyro also provides sure control of the tail.
What is a Ready Set
  • A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to fly. Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.
Ready Set Contents
  • Fully assembled helicopter complete with basic setting adjustments
  • 3.7V- 150mAh lithium polymer battery pack
  • 2-stick transmitter (built in charger) with 2.4GHz band with digital trims
  • Training safety bar
  • Training skids
Required For Operation
  • 4 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter (Note) cannot be used with oxyride battery