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Part Number 10772CS-M2B
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Handles the knife edge, torque rolls, and ultra slow flight!

4-channel micro-sized airplane produces high-performance acrobatic flight comparable to much larger airplanes!

Enjoy the unique flight characteristics each model provides!

With the same 4-channel control of aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle featured in large airplanes, the ultra small MINIUM AD PROFILE series version 2 compacts the dynamic acrobatic flight performance into the new SUKHOI Su-31. The lightweight finish and aerodynamic efficiency of a profile airplane allows acrobatic flight to be enjoyed outdoors, even in a light breeze. As with real airplanes, plenty of lateral surface area results in superior knife edge performance and of course 3D acrobatic performance for torque rolls while delivering amazing slow flight as well. This combo set includes 3 ultra lightweight servos, receiver unit with built-in amp, transmitter with built-in charger and special large capacity LiPo battery, and an un-assembled kit. With special polystyrene glue (sold separately), the fuselage comes together quickly and easily. As the color scheme is already complete, all that remains is battery charging and linkage setup. Nothing else is needed to enjoy the exciting acrobatic flight of this micro airplane.

Ultra lightweight and damage-resistance of this Profile airplane recreates the outline of the original. Large side panels of the SUKHOI also produces a great knife edge performance.   Large diameter propeller and high power coreless motor delivers the powerful thrust for dynamic 3D acrobatic performance. Executes torque rolls and rolling circles as well as larger airplanes.   One-piece receiver with motor control amp has more than double the capacity of the previous version.
Three pre-installed servos provide
control of aileron, elevator and rudder
for complete acrobatic and stunt flight
capability and produce performance that
puts a smile on the face of expert-level
KT-20 full stroke throttle stick without
return spring features a built-in charger
for the LiPo battery. M2 spec has the
throttle on the left stick.


  • 4-channel specifications deliver the same control and performance as large airplanes.
  • World famous acrobat SUKHOI Su31 flies again in profile airplane style.
  • Features finished color scheme. Easy to complete with simple assembly and linkage setup.
  • Factory-finished color scheme. Complete a few simple assembly steps and charge the battery to get flight ready.
  • Uses safe Minium AD system that automatically scans for open frequencies across a 75-wave spectrum on the 2.4GHz band.
  • Up to 24 aircraft can be flown at the same time.
  • Features a lightweight one-piece control unit incorporating receiver and motor control amp.
  • Includes three ultra light servos weighing just 1.5g each.
  • Includes large capacity 3.7V-150mAh LiPo battery for powerful flight over extended flight times.
  • Equipped with 8mm coreless motor and gear reduction unit.
  • Includes D135 x P67mm propeller that delivers optimal thrust for acrobatic flight performance.
  • Achieves flight times of about 4 - 5 minutes. (Flight time may vary depending on conditions).
  • The SUKHOI Su31 was developed in cooperation with Donuts-Models, respected amongst indoor acrobatic fliers around the world.

< Comboset Contents >

  • Pre-colored un-assembled kit
  • KT-20 Transmitter
  • Special 3.7V-150mAh Lithium Polymer battery


< Required for Operation >

  • Special glue for polystyrene
  • 4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter
  • Note) cannot be used with oxyride battery.
Technical Data
32.5g (approx.)
Coreless 8mm motor
Wing Area
Wing Load


This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo.