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PERFEX KT-18 2ch 2.4GHz Transm
Part Number 82001
PERFEX KT-18 2ch 2.4GHz Transm
PERFEX KT-18 2ch 2.4GHz Transm
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Ergonomic design contributes to even better performance from the 2.4GHz MINI-Z.

Advanced stylish design matches the performance of high-end transmitters.

As soon as it is switched on, the KT-18 transmitter automatically starts scanning the frequency spectrum for open bands, eliminating the need to check your band or use crystals and allows up to 40 cars to be run at the same time. Combined with the 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer chassis, the fastest processing speed ever produces incredible response. And it is amazingly easy to use. Simply register the transmitter to the chassis the first time you use it to complete pairing. As pairing is almost a completely automated process, only a few simply steps need to be completed. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip with each part exquisitely shaped so fingers wrap around the wheel to realize a more natural driving style. In addition, the energy efficiency of the lightweight and compact design uses only four AAA-size batteries. The lightweight and optimal center of gravity allow for long driving times with minimal strain. Functionality is equal to that of high-end transmitters such as independent setting of throttle end points and left/right steering volumes. With future developments in mind, the KT-18 is also equipped with extended terminals. One KT-18 transmitter can be used with multiple 2.4GHz MINI-Z chassis so if you add machines to your collection, you can use the same transmitter. The ASF 2.4GHz PERFEX KT-18 represents a new generation in radio control systems.

Stylish coloring and matt finish produce a futuristic form with ergonomic design features including a perfect center of gravity and natural grip for easy wheel control.   Power status and pairing is indicated by a blue LED built into the round edged form, creating the impression of a super-bike with the transmitter. High brightness gives visibility even under direct sunlight.   Advanced energy efficient design requires only four AAA-size batteries. The long operating times with a compact, lightweight design contribute to low strain driving, making it ideal for endurance racing.
Equipped with digital trims using audible tone notification and easy to use see-saw buttons. Tone changes when in neutral enabling adjustment by the sound of the tone. Features independent setting of left/right steering volume and throttle endpoint adjustment, similar to high-end transmitters.   Training mode reduces motor output to 50% for beginner-friendly control. To change modes, simply apply the brake while switching the power on.   Battery box can be released with an eject button for fast and easy battery changes.
Includes extendable transmitter stand. Simply insert into attachment slot to rest the transmitter safely. The clear finish looks stylish even with the stand left in.   Short antenna with adjustable angle provides optimal visibility for yourself and others. Folds completely down for safe storage and portability. *Do not fold too far when operating.   Newly developed fast response KT-18 transmitter features optimal dimensions, shape and steering angles to suit the quick chassis of the 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer. Unique rubber on the steering wheel provides superior control feel.
  • As soon as power is switched on, the transmitter automatically communicates with the chassis and scans for open frequencies.
  • Automatically allows up to 40 cars to be operated safely at the same time.
  • Simply perform the pairing process once to register with the chassis and start using.
  • A single KT-18 can be paired and used to operate multiple chassis.
  • Digital trims allow precision adjustments.
  • Operating trims produces audible tone notification.
Pairing Steps

Push and hold the upper part of the throttle trim and switch the power ON.
Use the included pairing stick to push and hold the pairing button on the 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer chassis and continue to step <3>.
Switch chassis power ON. Check the LED on the chassis lights up. Release the pairing stick.
Switch both the transmitter and chassis power OFF. Switch the transmitter then the chassis power back ON to complete pairing (registering) of the transmitter and the chassis.
Pairing Steps <1>   Pairing Steps <2>   Pairing Steps <3>   Pairing Steps <4>

< Required for Operation >

  • Four AAA-size alkaline batteries.
Technical data
280mm(with antenna fully extended)