Piper J-3 Cub 50 EP SQS
Part Number10072B
Piper J-3 Cub 50 EP SQS
Piper J-3 Cub 50 EP SQS
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Ideal scale beginner airplane that also has the same gentle flight characteristics as well as the form of the original !

Since its birth in 1937, more than 20,000 Piper J-3 Cub have graced the skies around the world. The calm and stable flight of the Cub makes it an ideal choice for a scale R/C airplane. Electric power takes away the complications of engine starting etc. and allows you to concentrate on the fun of flying. The long 1,800mm wingspan reproduces the Cub's steady flying characteristics while the NACA2415 type wings make light stunts possible. As one of KYOSHO's renowned fully assembled SQS models, the specially selected balsa structure is covered in film to deliver a lightweight but highly rigid finish. As a scale trainer, you will not find a more reliable and fun training partner.

Fully factory assembled all-balsa fuselage is expertly pre-covered in film. The results are high-strength but lightweight fuselage and main wing.   Includes motor mount for brushless motor generating about 600-800W.   Factory finish includes details like main wing struts for accurate and complete the scale form.



  • Wing length of 1,800mm realizes stable flight characteristics.
  • Features NACA2415 wing type. Light stunts possible with correct motor.
  • 5-servo specifications use aileron servos on each wing to realize sure control response.
  • Includes fuel tank, tail & main tires, main gear, moving tail gear, main gear cover, scale decals and linkage parts set.
  • Fully assembled balsa structure is covered in color film.


< Included >

  • motor mount
  • battery catch
  • main gear
  • rudder connected tail gear
  • decals
  • tire
  • linkage parts


< Required for operation >

  • R/C System /4ch Trancemitter, 5 servos, receiver
  • Motor /600-800W brushless motor
  • Amp for brushless motor
  • 18.5V-4000mAh (minimum) Lithium polymer battery
  • D12P6-8 EP propeller
  • propeller adapter
  • spinner nut
  • battery charger
  • motor, amp & battery connectors
Technical Data
2,500-2,650g (approx.)
Wing Area
Wing Load
55.6-59g/dm2 (approx.)
Wing Type


This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo.
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