SETR-C15052-01 Large Radius Oval (50cm Tiles)
Part NumberSETR-C15052-01
SETR-C15052-01 Large Radius Oval (50cm Tiles)
SETR-C15052-01 Large Radius Oval (50cm Tiles)
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SETR-C15052-01 Large Radius Oval (50cm Tiles)
If this is your first track or adding to an existing track, the Wide Oval  track kit is your best choice. This huge track measures 9 9 x 19 2. Everything is included in the Large Radius Oval track kit to create the layout shown. No additional pieces are needed. Kit includes 1 1/8 tall soft side rails and strong threaded attachment pins that secure the rails to the track. No need to worry about the rails coming off from car impacts. You can remove the rails after use or store them with the rails connected for faster set up time.  Track comes with two racing surfaces, smooth for loose racing or flip the tiles over for textured high level grip when using soft rubber tire compounds. 52pc set.

20"X20" Tile size
US patented design
Custom interlocking tiles for quick set up, tear down and storage.
Modular design that allows you to combine tracks and create many different layouts.
Soft side rails that help protect your RC car body.
Quick set with no tools.
Flexible racing surface allows for creation of banked turns.