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Syncro KT-431S 4ch Tx/Rx set (Mode 2)
Part Number82431M2B
Syncro KT-431S 4ch Tx/Rx set (Mode 2)
Syncro KT-431S 4ch Tx/Rx set (Mode 2)
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82431M2B Syncro KT-431S 4ch Tx/Rx set (Mode 2)

This basic 4ch transmitter is inexpensive and uses a thin, lightweight casing that allows long periods of use without causing fatigue. Combined with the receiver, this set delivers secure signal transmission whether operating EP or GP models and is suitable not only with aircraft but also with yachts, cars and DRONE RACER. Includes the telemetry compatible KR-431T receiver (however, telemetry function can not be used with the KT431S).

  • Slip-resistant design of the sticks facilitates precision control with light touch.
  • Stick length can be adjusted within a 5mm range.

reverse switch / V tail mixing switch / D/R switch (100/70) * All channels except the throttle change simultaneously.

  • KT-431S transmitter
  • KR-431T receiver
  • Battery box for receiver
  • Switch for receiver
  • Binding connector
  • Instruction manual

  • 8 X AA size batteries (4 for transmitter, 4 for receiver)
  • Servo

Technical Data

Number of Channels                                        4 channels

Control Resolution                                           1024

Frequency                                                      2.4GHz

Modulation System                                          FHSS

Size                                                               Transmitter : W174L89H190mm
                                                                     Receiver : W35.4L29.6H13mm

Weight                                                           Transmitter : 334g (without batteries)
                                                                     Receiver : 10g

Power Source                                                 Transmitter : 4 x AA alkaline batteries (6V)
                                                                    Receiver : DC4-6.5V

Antenna Output                                              1.5mW/MHz

Range                                                           Air: 500m, Land: 300m, Water: 150m

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